Product and service

PV Material

By the end of 2016, Jolywood had 100 million sqm of backsheet production capacity, supplying over 20GW of PV plants.

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High Efficiency Cell

Jolywood Taizhou, established in 2015, is the biggest n-type bifacial mono cell manufacturer in China.

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PV Application

Jolywood Power, a joint-venture incorporated by Jolywood and GMIG, is a leading investment and comprehensive solution provider in clean energy area.

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Core Advantages

Technology and Innovation

  • 01

    Innovative FFC fluorocarbon coating is achieved through generating fluoric coating directly on the surface of PET. Integration of membrane and adhesive thus realized enables backsheets to have stronger resistance to heat, aging and yellowing.

  • 02

    Conversion efficiencies have reached 21.5% on the front and 19.0% on the back of the cell in mass production through applying ion implantation during the processes.

  • 03

    N-type high efficiency bifacial cell, improving overall power generation to realize the lowest costs per kWh of PV plants.

  • 04

    Jolywood’s N-type bifacial cells are best for perennial snow areas, floating plants, agricultural greenhouses, PV curtains, building integration, soundproof walls on highway, etc.