Value Opportunites from N-type High Performance Cells

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Since the mid-2000’s, the solar power sector has emerged from being a high cost afterthought at the fringes of the global electricity sector to become a low cost source of electricity generation capacity with potentially disruptive impacts to the incumbent electricity sector. These impacts are causing regulatory and other sources of pushback, resulting in a sharp slowdown in solar sector volume growth, even as the economics of solar power become increasingly compelling across a growing number of markets and segments. An important consequence of these developments is that competitive intensity in every aspect of the solar power sector is rising, placing downward pressure on margins and returns and increasing the imperative for solar power companies to develop distinctive capabilities in their quest to capture value.
One potential path for solar power companies to develop such distinctive capabilities is through technology. A number of drivers are opening up possibilities for the commercialization of high performance modules based on advanced cell architectures. This report describes the background that has led to this opportunity, highlights the potential for advanced cell technology to create value and describes a key potential obstacle to the capture of that potential value. The report further highlights Jolywood as a supplier of advanced technology, high performance cells that represents a potential low CapEx, low risk path for module manufacturers to take advantage of this opportunity.

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