Breaking| Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology to Realize Mass Production of IBC Bifacial Cell with 22.22% Front Side Conversion Efficiency

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Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology has recently received from CPVT a report that shows Jolywood’s M2 N-type IBC cell has reached 22.22% in conversion efficiency, proved leading in all mass producible IBC cells.
N-type IBC bifacial cells boast the highest efficiency in N-type cells. IBC cell has no bars shielding the front side. The light trapping structure and surface passivation are left alone on the front surface as metallization is designed on the back side. This approach optimized to a great extent the optical and electrical performance of IBC cells, and thus greatly enhanced the conversion efficiency.
Advantages of IBC Cells

1,High conversion efficiency with an average efficiency larger than 22%;
2,free, securing system power generation, shortening investment recovery period,
3,No metal electrodes shielding the front surface, thus high Ishort up to 42mA/cm2;
4,As metallization is designed on the other side, light trapping structure and surface passivation can be optimized to maximum on the front side.
5,Anode and cathode are designed on the back side to enable larger electrode area and less resistance loss of metal bars. Optical back reflection is also increased to enable higher current;
6,Excellent low-light performance and low temperature coefficient
7,Anode and cathode borne on the same side of the cell simplified production process;
8,Aesthetic appearance enables the modules to be used on various buildings;
9,High efficiency modules are more advantageous for distributed market where rooftop sizes are limited.

Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology is focused on innovation and subsists on continuous improvement. The company has been accumulating technological properties since its foundation. By now, the company has applied over 60 patents and 23 of them are granted.