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Career development
  • Talent idea

    Innovative talent concept, talent selection not sticking to formalities, no promotion according to status, the only quote. We should constantly expand the channels of talent selection, find talents in practice, cultivate talents, train talents, boldly use talents, train innovative professionals, and expand talent teams, so as to add strength to the sustainable development of enterprises.

    Employee welfare

    (1) five social insurance and one housing fund, pension, medical, unemployment, work injury and maternity five social insurance + housing fund.

    (2) leave: legal holidays and paid annual leave + + marriage leave Maternity / paternity leave.

    (3) meal supplement: 15 yuan per day, according to the number of days, the subsidy standard will be adjusted according to the price situation.

    (4)He Jin: the company will give children employees get married, congratulation or gift.

    (5) festival gifts: all the traditional programs such as the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival and other festival companies will prepare the corresponding holiday gifts in advance.

    (6) consolation: the employees are seriously ill or suffer accidental injury, and the company will give different degree of comfort subsidies to the specific circumstances.

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